Free PowerPoint Download
Free PowerPoint Download

Thousands of people search for a Free Download of PowerPoint each day, due to the fact that they can easily view and create PowerPoint Files.

PowerPoint is a worldwide spread program. Almost everyone is using it for different reasons because PowerPoint is offering a lot of possibilities. It is used for creating presentations and viewing PowerPoint files, that is why a Free Download of PowerPoint is needed very often and urgently.

PowerPoint Viewer 2007

If you want to view a PowerPoint presentations, you just have to simply download it from the Microsoft Website absolutely for free.

By clicking on the link you can download PowerPoint Viewer 2007

Free 60 day trial of PowerPoint from Microsoft

As PowerPoint is one of the Microsoft Office programs, there is a great opportunity now to accept a great offer from Microsoft. Microsoft is offering a free 60 day trial of PowerPoint. This gives you the opportunity to use Microsoft PowerPoint for 60 days absolutely for free. Normally Microsoft Office package costs a lot of money, but if you want to use it for free you may accept this offer.

PowerPoint Viewer 2007

Free PowerPoint Viewer 2007 lets you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions. This viewer also supports opening password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can view and print presentations, but you cannot edit them in the Free PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

As PowerPoint is a very popular program, over a 1 million of people have already downloaded the free copy of PowerPoint from the official Microsoft Website.

Besides the free 60 day trial of PowerPoint, Microsoft offers you the possibility of using the online version of PowerPoint. This one is very easy to use and thousands of people have already tried it. All you have to do is access the Microsoft Official Website.

Download Office Professional 2010 Free 60-day Trial

Open Office – Free PowerPoint Alternative

People that want to save some money can try an alternative program to PowerPoint. As a full version of PowerPoint may cost over £300, the alternative program is desired, especially if it is a free one. Impress – is the alternative to PowerPoint, it is a part of Open Office and is offered for free. The Impress program is not worse than PowerPoint, it has all those features as PowerPoint and even more; for example the possibility of exporting a presentation to a Flash file. You won’t feel any inconvenience while using Impress as it contains everything a user needs for creating an effective multimedia presentation or a flash presentation.

Open Office – Free Alternative To PowerPoint

Even though Open Office was kept under a certain secret by Microsoft, it is becoming very popular among people. Microsoft Office was also promoted as the only one possibility. Anyway by the end of 2005 there were downloaded over 40 million copies of Open Office. As Open Office is an Open Source a lot of people are attracted by this and try it and realize that it is a great deal.

Download for free the Open Office Impress

Impress program is very easy to use, due to the fact that it has the similar interface to PowerPoint. This will make your work easy. PowerPoint can read the files created in Impress and you can save them in different formats later.

As you already understood, Impress is and alternative program to PowerPoint, as Open Office is to Microsoft Office. That is why Open Office offers you a program similar to Microsoft Word with all its features and a program similar to Microsoft Excel.

Each day people prefer to start using Open Office as it is very simple and available. But still there remain many people locked to Microsoft Office which don’t know about the existence of any alternative. If you still prefer PowerPoint you may try a Free Download of PowerPoint.

The developers from Google’s Summer of Code are probably going to develop the 3D transitions for Impress program, which are not possible to use in PowerPoint and they also use Open Office.

You can also find more information about Impress at Open Office.

Google’s free alternative to PowerPoint

Google’s free powerpoint alternative

Google’s Free PowerPoint Alternative

Due to the existence of Impress, Google decided to create its own online alternative to PowerPoint. This is an online Tool which helps you to create presentations as PowerPoint. Google also provides an alternative to Microsoft Word and Excel which is available online at

The alternative to PowerPoint online Google tool offers you a lot of possibilities. You can create and than easily save your presentation on your computer. You can edit it anytime you want.

You can present your presentation for several viewers at the same time or you can import any presentation that you have made earlier and view it. Your friends can watch the presentation any time by simply sending them an invitation.

The Google’s free alternative Tool to PowerPoint is easy to use, when you don’t want to download the program, but just quickly use it and get your presentation done, or view a presentation. But you can still try a Free Download of PowerPoint.

Millions of people use PowerPoint and never heard of existence of any alternative to it. They prefer to find a  PowerPoint Free. It is great that there exist some alternatives such as Impress and Google Tool which are available even online. All you have to do is access them for free and use when you need. Nowadays people have so many opportunities to use three different programs, to choose what is better for them and use it for free.

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